Spring is here, at least according to the calender, and that means that racing season at Stafford Motor Speedway is just around the corner.  If you have followed my blog at all in the past, you’ll remember that I used to do a Youtube show every week called The Inside Line with Kurt Vail. It was a lot of fun and we got to meet a lot of the local drivers in the process.  The 43rd annual Spring Sizzler is coming up April 25, 26,and 27. I’ve attached an old video interviewing Woody Pitkat below for your viewing pleasure.

Kurt-Vail-Ad-2- As most of you from this area know, racing has always been a big deal in Stafford and after years of covering it all across the state and nationally for the Hartford Courant, Stafford’s own Shawn Courchesne started his own racing website and blog called RaceDayCT.com. If you are a race fan you have to check it out. I, recently, started advertising with him, and want to thank him for all his help. Hit this link to check out his kind words in welcoming me to the RaceDayCT family—-> Kurt’s AD.

March Madness 2014

If you are interested in doing a March Madness pool for 2014 please text or call me at (860)458-9266. All entrees need to be in by noon on Thursday. It will be $10 per sheet. Print the bracket below, fill it out, and either email it to kvail@paradisoinsurance.com or call me and I will come get it from you. I attached an old video I made three years ago for the tournament just for a few laughs.  Also, fill out the poll, where do you think UConn will finish this year?





Stafford Football 2013

Colton Engel (33) Wade Parker (11)

At long last, football season is right around the corner. I’m very excited for this upcoming year as we look to continue our success at the Stafford Bulldogs Youth Football League.  Also, there will be a new coach this year at Stafford High, as Coach Bernier will not be returning, we wish him the best.

SBYFL practices will start this year on Monday July 29th at 5:30pm. Please be there early to fill-out paperwork if you have not already done so. The cost is $100 per child. You can also sign up online at bulldogsyouthfootball.com or click here to print forms –> football forms.

Goto to my facebook page (Coach Vail’s Football Page) devoted to local football and hit like for all updates and news. Please answer the poll below, check out the picture of the new UConn football uniforms below and let me know what you think.

uconn2 UCONN4_original

Kate & Kurt Shark Cycle


Kate and I had the privilege of shooting our show from Shark Cycle in downtown Stafford Springs on Thursday. Their selection of new and used recreational vehicles is endless! Check out the video below. There is a lot of town news, many birthdays, and even our attempt at the Harlem Shake. We are orchestrating a huge Town of Stafford Harlem Shake around the rotary downtown. Stay tuned and check us out on Facebook for all the details —-> LIVE with Kate & Kurt. While your there like the page. See you next week.

From Coach Vail’s Playbook (Kickoff)

2012 B-Team Champions

2012 B-Team Champions

What are the advantages of having your insurance written at Paradiso Insurance right here in Stafford Springs? Let me kickoff by using some football terms to tell you the answer. First, our friendly and knowledgeable staff will huddle and work closely with you to design a play that best suits your needs. As an independent insurance agency we have many different eligible receivers (Travelers, The Hartford, State Auto, Progressive, Foremost, Kemper, and more) that our staff can rely on to find the best fit for you. We always evaluate your forward progress, as your life moves forward so do your changing protection needs, let the Insurance Coach be there to coach you along the way. Call Coach Vail at (860) 458-9266.

The Stafford Palace Theater

The Stafford Palace Theater

The Stafford Palace Theater

A few Fridays ago, Mallery and I, from the Kate & Kurt show, were invited to The Stafford Palace Theater in beautiful and revitalized downtown Stafford Springs. We took in a show and talked to theater manager Nick Zemek. Check out the video below of our interview with Nick and reaction from some locals about the Dr. Dirty comedy show that we saw that night. It was hilarious but we can’t show any footage because Dr. Dirty’s (John Valby) material is a tad bit on the vulgar side.

The great part about the Palace is that they have an wide variety of shows. You can find something that you already enjoy or venture out to try new types of entertainment. They have have every type of music genre, magic, comedy, films, hypnotism, musicals, plays, burlesque, and much more. Here’s a list of some upcoming shows:

Tonight 1/31 grammy nominated Sixpence None the Richer

Tomorrow night 2/1 The Amazing Kreskin

2/7 Red Molly

2/23 Max Creek

3/2 Girls Night, The Musical two shows 5pm and 8pm

3/9 American Idol runner-up Crystal Bowersox

These just highlight a full slate of shows in February and March. For more info check out The Stafford Palace Theater at http://www.thestaffordpalacetheater.com/ or on Facebook by clicking this link —> Palace Theater. I’d like to thank David Bacchiochi for inviting us in and for bringing back a historic Stafford treasure.

Big East




Well, now that Boise St is out of the Big East, my previous post is obsolete. Time to go back to the drawing board. Now lets go back to making this a little bit more regional. It’s not going to be as sexy but something has to be done. Now, maybe the remaining teams will want to fight for that Big East name. I’m sure San Diego St will go back to the Mountain West Conference now as well, so let’s forget about moving more west.

By 2015 when Navy enters the Big East:

North Division

  1. Cincinnati
  2. UConn
  3. Navy
  4. Army
  5. Temple
  6. UMass
  7. Memphis

South Division

  1. USF
  2. UCF
  3. Houston
  4. SMU
  5. East Carolina
  6. Tulsa
  7. Tulane


That’s rough. Even I, the eternal optimist, am starting to lose faith a little. Mike Aresco, I wish you luck, I hope you do something amazing to keep this together.


The New Big East


As a UConn fan these last ten years of NCAA conference realignment has been a roller coaster ride. I, for one, am glad that UConn has not been invited to the ACC. I think the Big Ten would have been a much better fit. UConn brings more to the table than Rutgers with the exception that New Jersey produces much more Division 1 football players. There is no sense in crying over what has already been done. I hope that UConn stays in the New Big East, which will probably be renamed after the Catholic 7 get the Big East Brand.

Not that Big East commissioner Mike Aresco will listen to my humble opinion, but I think a new national conference in all sports could work and work well. Here is what I suggest, obviously two divisions separated geographically, East and West. East teams consist of Connecticut, Cincinnati, Temple, South Florida, Central Florida, Navy, East Carolina, and Massachusetts(I think they have great upside potential). West teams would consist of Southern Methodist, Houston, Tulane, Memphis, San Diego State, Boise St, UNLV, and BYU. Others to be considered, Army, Air Force, Colorado St,  and Fresno St.

Football: Play all teams in your division with two crossover games, giving each team nine conference games and three non-conference games. All teams should be encouraged to play as many games against the Big Five conferences to show that they can compete. It all would culminate with a conference championship game at the home of the highest ranking conference team. This league would most assuredly would get a bid to that sixth championship bowl game every year. This year the following teams made bowl games, SMU, San Diego St, Boise St, BYU, Cincinnati, UCF, Navy, and ECU. Cincinnati and Boise already won games against teams from the Big Five.

Men’s and Women’s Basketball: These are the only other sports that I think that conference crossover games should exist. Play every team in your division twice with four crossover games from the other division leaving 18 conference games. Another scenario would be to have all 16 teams in one division and play each team once with three home and home series with each teams most heated rivals, also resulting in 18 conference games. I, personally, prefer the first scenario. This season would also culminate with an an all-inclusive basketball tournament crowning the champion with an automatic NCAA tournament bid. In Men’s basketball, Cincinnati, San Diego St, and UNLV are all ranked. I think Connecticut, Memphis, and Temple’s reputation and history speaks for itself.

All other Olympic sports: Strictly play the teams in your division twice during the season which will result in 14 conference games. At the conclusion of the season play a tournament featuring teams from the East and the West. Or just model it after the basketball schedule. The travel wouldn’t be that bad.

I hope it comes down to something like this where every team in the league is a full member. I think that this conference is going to have a lot of media appeal and the potential for a good TV deal equally distributed to all. Below are the two division broken down with this year’s football records as of 12/28/2012. Fill out the poll below to pick the best new name for the Big East football schools.

East Divison

  1. Cincinnati      10 – 3
  2. UCF               10 – 4
  3. Navy               8 – 4
  4. East Carolina  8 – 5
  5. UConn             5 – 7
  6. Temple            4 – 7
  7. USF                 3 – 9
  8. UMass             1 – 11

West Division

  1. Boise St           11 – 2
  2. San Diego St    9 – 4
  3. BYU                  8 – 5
  4. SMU                  7 – 5
  5. Houston            5 – 7
  6. Memphis           4 – 8
  7. UNLV                4 – 8
  8. Tulane              2 – 10